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As women, we’re taught that if we have the perfect career, family, and relationships we are successful. We’ve bought into the idea that if we work hard enough and are nice enough, then the world will be our oyster. If any part of that “happiness equation” fails, we believe that it’s our own fault. Rarely do we get the chance to let our hair down and admit to our sister-girls that this life model isn’t working.

  • We don’t want to face the fact that our love life is in shambles because we repeatedly end up with the same person who uses us and lets us down time after time.
  • We don’t want to admit that we are working sun up to sun down at a job that pays the bills but sucks our soul.
  • We are ashamed to admit that despite our salary, we have bill collectors calling our house and we’re afraid to open the mail.

More than anything, we want true love, life, and liberation, but we don’t know where to start.

Here’s some good news. You’ve taken the first step towards liberation by being on this site at this moment.

LTheory Gets You Unstuck

At L Theory Experience, your hamster wheel of a life will stop once and for all. You have a variety of tools and resources at your disposal that will empower you to heal your issues, practice new habits, and transform your life.

Life Coaching

Choose from a variety of sessions that will identify the primary issue you should be focusing on, provide a customized plan for your healing and for forming new habits, and hold you accountable to your new habits and practices. Sign up here.

Courses and Books

Download content focused on specific topics related to life transformation. Topics range from How to Discover Your Life Purpose to practicing 31 Days of Self-Care. Visit here.


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