Fun Foto Friday–Cankles

I have a confession. I’m not all sunshine and roses and positive thinking. I work really hard on loving myself and loving my body, but there are many, many mornings when I’m damn near in tears getting dressed. There are whole categories of clothing I avoid because they never fit well and make me loathe my body in ways that I shouldn’t.

One body part in particular, I have probably the second most difficulty with (emotionally). My calves/ankles, other wise known as cankles. I have never worn knee-length boots because a 15-inch calf circumference, size 6 foot, and 4’11 stature don’t really match American (white) beauty standards. And before you lecture me about all of the “wide calf” boots that exist, believe me that I’ve tried many.


It’s time to change this around, though. I’m going to practice what I preach and refocus my energy on what is beautiful about my lower legs. Here it goes:

  • They rarely get sore and can power me through the hardest of workouts.
  • They are my grandmother’s and great-aunts legs. I feel like a “real” Barber/Anderson woman with them, especially since I think my grandmother and great-aunt are GORGEOUS.
  • Beyonce has cankles. I’m in good company.
  • They keep me supported in my daily wearing of high heels. My legs never get tired.
  • They turn a beautiful honey brown in the summer time.

Maybe my calves and ankles aren’t so bad after all.

You thought I was gonna let you off the hook? What part of your body do you need to fall in love with?


  1. laniza says:

    I need to fall in love with my teeth. Some of my teeth are missing due to poor dental care when I was younger and it bothers me something fierce. Before you give out homework, haha, I am happy that I am taking measures to rectify the problem. I (still) have a beautiful smile. I have strong healthy gums. I am way more than just my physical appearance.

  2. Cathy Witter (@ministerofstyle) says:

    I am not fond of my thighs, never have been. I don’t care how slim I become, those thighs are ever present. Although I will readily wear a swimsuit, I dance between I don’t give a @#$% to wanting to sit and pose pretty so my thighs are hidden. Working on embracing them but still have a long ways to go

  3. Enigma says:

    I love the honesty of this post! When I picture cankles, I picture ankles that look straight up like a part of your calves – without shape. Dare I say I don’t feel you fit into that category?

    Anywho, my height is one of my hurdles. I’m 5’9 and always wanted to be 5’6. It bugs me to tower over friends and as much as I love a nice pair of heels, I stay far from most because I don’t want to be massive. -_-

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