Are You Ready to Heal?

I’m Listening

One thing I’ve learned on this life journey is how to listen. We should listen to not only the feedback that people give, but to the coincidences and answered prayers in life. In his book When God Winks, Squire Rushnell says these coincidences are “godwinks” guiding our path.

Last week, the overwhelming response to my favorite money-saving tips, is that we are all in need in healing– healing our money, healing our heart, healing our lives.

Are You? Do You Want To Heal?

ready to heal, lessons in healing, choosing healingHere are two ways that I can facilitate that process.

  1. Individual coaching sessions where I provide strategies and accountability personalized to you.
  2. Choosing Healing ebook: For those that aren’t ready to invest in themselves, here’s a downloadable guide for you. It gives 13 specific lessons and exercises to address your personal roadblock once and for all. See the excerpt below.

You deserve to be unstuck, Butterfly Boo, and you are so worthy of healing.

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Sneak Peak Inside Choosing Healing

Choosing Healing excerpt



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