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Why I’m Choosing Periscope (Again)

Periscope, will you be my boo, again? About 2 months ago, I wrote about how I was deleting periscope. (Read full post here) Basically, I had joined for the all the wrong reasons– the fear of missing out, trying to be like other bloggers, and jumping in without a strategy. I still am proud of myself for […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: 5 Mistakes I’ve Made In Goal-Setting

I know I’m not the only that despite the best intentions for goals, I always manage to get off course. I give up, I sabotage, I lose steam. Join me RIGHT HERE I will be live streaming Wednesday night  at 7pm cst and discussing 5 Mistakes I’ve Made with Goal-Setting You can also interact with me during the simultaneous broadcast […]

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My Relationship with Church

Today I was journaling about my relationship with church, as I laid out on the couch recuperating from my ridiculously fun 90s Birthday Day Party that I threw yesterday (Check out pictures on my Instagram page). Sundays used to be a day of church and work prep, but for the past few months things have been very […]

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Best Moments, Best Lessons: My Annual Birthday Reflection

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow, I turn a year older and hopefully a year wiser. Like I try to do each year, here’s a reflection of my best moments and best lessons learned. Come take a walk down memory lane with me. Best Moments Reconnecting with my ex and reuniting my family (Read […]

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The Unscripted Life: Officially Ending My Trying To Conceive Journey

I was listening to Jill Scott’s “Prepared,” and thinking about how I’ve created my life to be comfortable with the unknown, yet ready for whatever’s next. I spent the first 35 years of my life with a life script of what was supposed to happen. I was going to be married, have 2-3 kids, open […]

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Summer Offerings—Self-Care Two-Pack Special

I love the summer. Vacation, sun, and long days fill my bucket and renew my soul. I don’t know if it’s the Africa in my blood but cool weather is not for me. Typically in the summer, I begin all the good habits that I wish I had the rest of the year. I eat […]

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Why I’m Deleting Periscope

Check out the update to this post here: Why I’m Choosing Periscope (Again) “If your strategy is catching up with what you’re already doing or chasing whatever is new, you will fail.” (paraphrased from Brad Feld) You know that saying that goes, “When you ask for advice, you already know the answer”? Well, that situation […]

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Self-Care Tips Recap

Self-Care = Need, not Luxury If you follow me on social media you know I’ve been posting lots of content about my personal self-care journey. As a school administrator, mom, partner, and friend, it’s way too easy to put myself last. I find myself rationalizing why I’ll make time for myself once everyone else’s needs are […]

Charleston: Tangible Things We Can ALL Do

I urge you to not be afraid to read and do the work. Please share, share, and share. Today is the first true day of my staycation from work. Even though I am a school administrator, I don’t get summer’s off. In fact, summers are one of the busiest times of year because it’s all […]

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Dear Amaya: A Letter To My 6 Year Old About the Baltimore City Uprising

Dear Amaya, About two weeks ago you were in the back seat of the car, chatting idly about life, what you saw outside the window, and how your day went. Somewhere in there you told me how police were special people because they keep everyone safe. In that moment, I held my breath and debated […]