Fun Foto Friday

Self care is super hard for me. But I realize I’m my best self to me and to others when I do.

It’s been an emotional week for me professionally and I’ve been working 11 hour days. Tonight I dragged myself to get a mani, pedi, and wine.

What are YOU doing to take care of yourself? Reply below with a picture or link back to this post with a pic of your self care.


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4 thoughts on “Fun Foto Friday

  1. My self care was something small but felt good and that was sitting back and listening to some slow jams on my new wireless JBL headphones that I got for myself last month. Just to block out ALL the sounds around me and focus on the words and beats of the Music was very relaxing to Me!

    1. That sounds like a perfectly relaxing and rejuvenating way to care for yourself!! Well done!

  2. Self care is buying myself a new toothbrush and getting out of the house to club target before it closes! Ha!

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