Heal Your Relationship with Money

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Yesterday when I did my Scope on my relationship to money and self-care, I had NO IDEA how many of you all experienced the same thing. I got so many texts, inbox messages, and comments of other women sharing their stories and challenges. It’s clear. You need to heal your relationship with money.

I can’t let that go. In response, I’ve decided to change the topic for my next Exclusives cycle. On October 11th, LTheory Exclusives will be focusing on HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY.

  • We will identify our root issues and tackle them once and for all.
  • We will create budgets that actually work and not leaving us eating Ramen noodles before payday.
  • We will hold each other accountable.

I am keeping the group small and intimate. I already have signups. THERE ARE ONLY 7 SPOTS LEFT. Reserve your spot now http://bit.ly/ExclusivesSignup

Materials You Will Need:

Check out testimonials from other women I’ve helped.

Let’s heal your relationship with money once and for all! 

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21 thoughts on “Heal Your Relationship with Money

    1. Thanks for bringing this up! One huge issue is that we use purchases to feel worthy and valuable. I can’t wait to work with women through this b

  1. Money is huge. Being responsible is so clutch and there are little ways that we can all cut back in some less important areas to save for the more important areas in our lives.

    1. Agreed!! Responsibility is key! I’ve decided this month to cut back on Starbucks bc I can use that money for something else more enjoyable

  2. Great idea, I got serious about my money in 2004 when I found out I was going to be a Mom. My Babe and I paid off all of our debt {my credit was a hot mess}. It was so rewarding, I’ve lived by a budget ever since and I’m so thankful for good financial habits.

    1. I think so many women (and men) want to have that practice and mindset, but are truly stuck and don’t know why. They have the finances, but fear holds them back from making wise choices.

      I completely agree with you. That rewarding feeling when the last bill is paid off is like none other! I want that for everyone and to know it’s possible!

  3. I think so many of us never realized how closely our relationship with money plays a role in many other relationships in our lives. My husband and I are changing that convo and getting our kids involved early. We started learning about stocks and bonds and will soon be getting the kids in on their own stocks and what it means to save, spend and invest and give.

    1. I’m loving that! I honestly think that our relationship with money is the manifestation of our unhealed issues, not the cause of them. Gotta get right within!

      We teach our daughter simple savings, but I never thought about introducing stocks and bonds so soon. That’s a great idea!

  4. I am all about trying to save. And I feel some type of way when I make big purchases. Wondering if I should have and if I should reverse the transaction. I am good with saving.

    1. Sounds like you have some fear around money being a tool. It sounds like you’ve had some trauma that makes you hoard money. I could be presuming too much though. Something to think about.

  5. Super important topic. My partner and I engage with money differently…i think we will be able to complement each other well when we become a union. This discussion is so important.

    1. I firmly believe that everyone may not have the same history, relationship and skills with money. However, it’s absolutely essential that you two have the commitment and communication about where you enter that topic because you will have storms. Communication and resilience are the biggest skills you can have. I encourage you all to start the conversations now BEFORE you become married.

  6. Money was a big issue when I was married to my ex. He wanted to spend and live beyond his means and I’m the complete opposite. Needless to say, that’s one of many reasons why I divorced him.

    1. Too bad he wasn’t willing to work through it. I completely see how money is the biggest cause of divorce!

  7. Changing your relationship with money can open you up to so many opportunities because you release the worry and other things that hold you back. It is a process but can be done. I an working on it.

  8. Money is huge! I agree that my relationship with money has to be mended. Healing your relationship with money is a great concept. Most times you don’t consider treating money or finances as a relationship as you do most areas in your life or household.

    1. I’m living proof of the negative relationship- foreclosure, terrible credit score and the whole nine. I’m also living proof that the relationship CAN change! I just bought my first house since my foreclosure and my credit has improved 100 points. Will I be seeing you on October 11th?

    1. What do you mean by chasing money? Do you and your husband have good communication skills and are able to push through it?

    2. What do you mean by chasing money? Do you and your husband have good communication skills with this?

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