Redesign Your Life & Activate Your Goals for 2016


Learn how you were destined for failure, what your true purpose in life is, and how to create sustainable goals for 2016 to have the life of your dreams. Read below how my story will work for you.


Four years ago, I was just like you. Frustrated with the hamster wheel of life, working hard to stay in the same position. I badly wanted to change my finances and my relationships, but nothing I tried seem to work. I said all the right prayers, I joined all the right accountability groups, and I faithfully created both annual and monthly goals. Then I had a breakthrough. I realized that although my desires were truly from my heart, I was choosing the wrong goals and the wrong strategy to get there.


My life changed after that realization. I was able to repair my relationship with my ex despite our divorce, I improved my credit score by 140 points, and I bought a house despite a previous foreclosure.

Let me share this proven goal-setting method with you. Don’t you deserve to have the life of your dreams? 

How Does This Work?

Through this video and accompanying worksheets, you’ll learn three essential ingredients to discovering your purpose and creating sustainable goals.

Part 1- You’ll learn what you’ve been doing wrong and why you were destined to fail.

Part 2- You’ll discover your true purpose in life and test it out to ensure it’s the right one.

Part 3- You’ll learn how to create actionable, sustainable goals around your purpose so that you can’t fail.

How does that sound for redesigning your life? Download today!


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